The military-industrial complex called the terms of construction of a new Russian aircraft carrier

Vladimir Pospelov, a member of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, a member of the Maritime Board under the government, said that a new Russian aircraft carrier can be built within 10 years if the plant and a carrier-based fighter are ready.

Also, according to Pospelov, in Russia within 10 years there will be a reserve for the creation of nuclear submarines of the fifth generation. «According to the new program, we must create a reserve by 2030 and approach the start of construction of nuclear submarines of the fifth generation», – he said, adding that the peculiarity of such submarines is increased robotization.

Submarines of this type will also be characterized by even greater secrecy. Earlier in the day, it became known that, according to Pospelov, the military-Industrial commission of Russia will consider the feasibility of including plans for the construction of a new aircraft carrier in the relevant program. In total, the Navy (Navy) requires three such ships.

The representative of the Maritime Board noted that Russia has all the necessary technologies to create such a large ship.

*based on materials from the IZVESTIA website