Control systems

«Kvarta» parameter control system

The system is designed for continuous measurement of the level and temperature of media in tanks.

Automated Vessel Landing Control System (ASC)

The ASC system is designed to provide control of the parameters of the landing of the vessel.

Multifunctional Control System (MSC)

The system provides tolerance control and signaling of deviations of parameters from the set values (setpoints), as well as the formation of additional proportional analog or digital signals according to the specified algorithms

Technical vision system «Kelvin»

The Kelvin system is designed for monitoring and controlling the melt supply system using technical vision algorithms.

The power supply system of GBRK SPM

The power supply system of the GBRK heavy class based on a special fire truck AGTS. 436123. 001 is designed to provide stable uninterrupted power supply to the remote control equipment of a special fire truck of a tracked armored robotic complex of a heavy class.

Unified fuel control system «Oprichnik»

Unified fuel control system «Oprichnik» is designed for remote accounting and monitoring of the amount of fuel received, the amount of fuel in fuel tanks and the consumption of the main and auxiliary power plants and other ship fuel consumers.


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