Level alarms

Level indicator-sensors RIS 121

RIS 121 level indicator-sensors are designed for continuous monitoring of the level of liquid and solid (bulk) media, as well as signaling the achievement of the maximum levels of the controlled medium at two specified points.

Level relay-sensors ROS 101 (ROS 102)

Level relay-sensors ROS 101 (ROS 102) of the capacitive type are designed to monitor the level of electrically conductive and non—electrically conductive liquids, solid (bulk, including powdery) media, as well as the separation of media (water — light petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gases - water) and other liquids with sharply different permittivity.

Level relay-sensors ROS 301

Level relay-sensors ROS 301 of the conductometric principle of operation are designed to monitor from one to three levels of an electrically conductive liquid in one or more containers, including in explosive zones.

SUR-K level indicator

The SUR-K level detectors are designed for remote automated monitoring and signaling of changes in the level of controlled electrically conductive and non-electrically conductive liquids or bulk products both in stationary and shipboard conditions.

Ultrasonic level detectors UZS-5

The alarms are designed to signal the limit values of the liquid level at one or more control points.

Ultrasonic level regulators UZR-1 (-1I)

Регулятор уровня ультразвуковой УЗР-1 (-1И) предназначен для контроля и регулирования уровня некипящих сред в аппаратах и сосудах стационарных и судовых установок.


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