Technical vision system «Kelvin»

The Kelvin system is designed for monitoring and controlling the melt supply system using technical vision algorithms.


The main task of the system is the application of technologies and algorithms of «Technical vision» for high-speed processing of streaming video signals of the optical, ultraviolet and infrared ranges.


The Kelvin system provides manual and automated control of the actuators of the melt feeding machine by issuing appropriate commands from a PC to a PLC.


Algorithms of the technical vision system for high-speed processing of streaming video images with recognition of specified objects:


  • finding the maximum correlation of the template with the original image;
  • detecting objects based on the Viola-Jones method, which selects features from the template image and, using a classifier, finds its location;
  • finding an object using convolutional neural networks and HOG+SVM, OCR algorithms.
The minimum polling frequency of the digital and analog inputs of the system is not less than
3 Hz
The maximum distance between the video processing unit and the operator's PC is no more than
20 m
Functioning of software on a PC under the control of operating systems
Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 10
The software provides
- the possibility of manual and automatic control and control of the parameters of the melt feeding machine;
- holding the melt drop point on the centrifuge at a given point in automatic mode;
- work with the use of a motorized lens that provides remote adjustment of the field of view and focus in manual mode at the operator's post
The period of continuous operation of the system
72 hours

Composition of the technical vision “Control of the melt supply «Kelvin»:


  • blocks of optical range video cameras;
  • blocks of thermal imaging video cameras;
  • protective covers of camera blocks with a water cooling system;
  • PC;
  • communication cables;
  • software.