Multifunctional Control System (MSC)

The system is designed for multi-channel measurement and control of temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, level, concentration, electrical voltage, current, resistance, etc. together with primary converters (primary converters are not included in the system).


The scope of the MSK system is automation and diagnostic devices.


The BCS units receive and process information signals from the primary converters, their power supply (if necessary), alarm about deviations of parameters from the set values and output of measurement information to adjacent systems. The units are maintenance-free, and can be installed in close proximity to the primary converters, which allows you to significantly reduce the length of cable communication lines. Each BCS unit can receive signals from six primary converters. The composition and number of measuring channels is determined by the terms of the order. The exchange of information between the BCS units and the top-level devices is provided using digital interfaces RS-485 or Ethernet (depending on the design).


The PV-01 converters collect information from the BCS units via the RS-485 digital interface, and are designed to display measuring and diagnostic information on a graphical liquid crystal display, as well as to control the operating modes of the connected units (“Operation” or “Control”). For connection to the upper-level systems, an additional RS-485 interface is provided, through which information from all BCS units connected to the PV-01 converter can be issued in batch mode.


PV-02 converters are designed for single-channel measurements and monitoring, and can be used as an independent product. Unlike the PV-01 converters, the PV-02 perform not only the functions of display and control, but also the functions of collecting and processing information signals from primary converters, as well as two-level tolerance control with the issuance of appropriate relay signals. The adapter device, which can be included in the delivery package of the PV-02 converter, provides the possibility of installing it instead of the K-140 series devices (Ukraine) without modifying the equipment of orders.


The measuring channels of the system are certified as a means of measurement.

Type approval certificates SI RU.C.31.018 No. 52789, registration number 55298-13, SI RU.C.34.002.A No.66080 registration number 67519-17.

The power consumed by the BCS units, BCS.1 MSC system, no more
40 V˖А
The power consumed by the BCS units.2 MSC systems, no more
25 W
The power consumed by the PV-01 converters of the MSC system, no more than
5 W
The power consumed by the PV-02 converters of the MSC system, no more than
20 V˖А
Ambient air temperature
-20 to +60 °C
Ambient atmospheric pressure
from 80 to 202 kPa
Relative humidity of the environment
up to 98% (at ambient temperature +50 °C)
Overall dimensions of BCS blocks (LxWxH), mm, no more
Overall dimensions of the PV-01 converters (LxWxH), mm, no more
Overall dimensions of the PV-02 converters (LxWxH), mm, no more
The relative error of the measuring channels of the system, reduced to the measurement range
not more than ± 1%
The degree of protection of the system from water and dust
System service life
25 years without resource restriction

The composition of the system is determined by the order card, according to which the execution of the system is developed for a specific control object. The system is built according to a modular hierarchical architecture, which allows you to develop the execution in the shortest possible time within the framework of the delivery contract. If necessary, during the development of the design, not only the composition and number of measuring channels of various types can be changed, but also new control channels with ranges or types of primary converters that are not provided for in the current technical documentation can be developed. For the newly developed version, private technical conditions are developed, which are agreed with the customer.


In general, the MSC system can consist of two levels of devices: BCS units with installed measuring and auxiliary modules (lower level), and PV-01 and PV-02 converters (upper level).